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NingBo Yuchuan Mechinery Technology Co.Ltd
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Ningbo YuChuan Machinery Technology is a attached manufacturer specializing in providing high-quality and single precast concrete procucts with private-enterprise prices.With more than 12 years of experience.Including : lifting anchor systems , fixing socket systems , thread lifting systems , wall ( column ) connections , wire rope systems , concrete reinfocement , tilt-up concrete construction systems , cast-in channels and a variety of former accessories such as magnets , Grout sleeves.YuChuan has qualified engineers and technicians are open and advantageously equipped with Modern machinery and testing labs to surpass customers expectations . Every product produced by us must pass through sealed necessary testing and checking procedures.In our operations we comply with the ISO 9001:2015 standards . We besides have a compelete line of equipment , yearly production capability is over 8000 tons amount.Ningbo is a renowned city in easterly of china.Ningbo port is the 2d largest one in China。It is skinny to Shanghai and Hangzhou , The traffic is really convenient.Ningbo has gravid progress and development and formed a comparatively perfect industrial system.Such as casting parts , machined , fasteners , flanges , stamped parts , plastic mould , etc . Surface treatment and heat treatment are too real complete.So we can provide acceptable solution for the industrial requirement .
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