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KIGAN has studied how the caloric friction generated between the guide ring and line can be reduced , how the heat generated between the line and guide can be discharged promptly and how an extremist light guide ring can be made , for many years.Currently , ceramics are the most right material of the guide ring , and SiC among these has the most ranking forcible properties . 'KIGAN GOLD/SILVER RING ' , as TIN/TIC radical grueling ion coating that uses plasma in the parent material , SiC ring , improved every forcible properties.Ceramics are the materials of which oecumenical characteristics are greatly influenced by the properties of the surface.Therefore , to grasp and control the properties of the surface of the ceramics is real crucial in adjusting the worldwide properties and characteristics of the materials . Coating of the surface of the ceramics into the substance of the right properties or understanding of the properties with thin-filmed ceramics are already established as an significant field of the study of the ceramics and those are too the fields in which the most combat-ready researches are conducted.Practically , TIN/TIC coating is a technology that is used every kind of wear resistance parts requiring lengthy life of the cutting tool , extended life of the press and injection molding , formation of protective film for PDP and gamy hardness and gamy dielectric constant.KIGAN , since it applied this technology to the fishing rod guide in 1995 for the world-class time , has steady researched and developed to improve property that is required by the fishing rod guide . With know how accumulated over many years , KIGAN have supplied the guide of graceful color that has more unchanging and improved forcible property .
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