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MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD is a novel company that will provide gamey quality A 4 PAPER services to it 's clients . MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD is scheduled to begin operations on July 16 , 2010 . MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD will be a partnership , owned and operated by Henry Alex and Zhydkova .Mr . Henry and Mr. Zhydkova both have left their several jobs in order to specialize in suppliy of A 4 PAPER to minor and average sized businesses all over the world . Mr Zhydkova premature employment was with Randolf and Associates acting as an environmental engineer . Mr. Henry premature employment was with Barnard and Ukrainian Environmental acting as main environmental engineer.MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD will target minor to medium sized companies and government organizations within the Southern part of UKRAINE including Detroit and surrounding areas . MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD will seek major contracts with medium sized firms and othe handsome companis all over the world .Those contracts will be served with the assistance of strategical alliances , both with former paper companies such as A4 papers companies and univisity that are quick to buy from our company as good as former professional groups that are in needed of A4 PAPER OF ALL KINE .This will give the company the flexibility it needs to successfully secure and accomplished projects with varying elements . By using existing contracts and joint ventures with former consulting firms , MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD is in a position to corner the on-site assessments market in Ukraine and all over the world . By year 3 , MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD will expand to early markets such as Southern Ontario , Canada etc.The market of paper has continued to be under serviced in both , sweden , london , Southern Michigan and Southwestern Ontario , Canada . MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD recognized has mellow company in supply of A4 PAPER OF ALL KINE .MARKSONPAPERJOINCOMPANYLTD is located at : Rishelevskaya 356/737 apt33 Odessa UkraineThe office space
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