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The cornerstones of our company goes rearwards to Mehmet Ali Çilenger the grandfather of the current owner . As gunsmith master , Mehmet Ali Çilenger moved from Konya to Adana in the year 1945 and founded the inaugural weapons repair / harvesting machine workshop.In 1990 , his grandson Eyyüp Cilenger added guns to retailers and wholesalers.In order to meet the demand for plastic bags , respective injection machines were purchased in 2011 with 100 % equity . Through many years of experience in the arms trade and in the repair , it was alone innate that we likewise supply the gun manufacturers with pistols and rifle cases . Eyyüp Cilenger presently supplies with our Family owned COMPANY ÇİLENGER PLASTIK SAN . TİC LTD all leading weapon manufacturers in Turkey with sole plastic products.With young modern products , we will likewise expand overseas , for which we have expanded our machinery and production facilities
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